Sunday, May 18, 2008

what do i get for ten dollars?

ooooh sock it to me!

haha i wonder what sample clearance was required for that nonsense...

went to a spot in LA formerly owned by Prince and spent the best 10 bucks ever.
ok so i paid for gas and tommy's which came to a total of like 35 bucks.

anyways, the DJ's were wack...they could mix and blend and spin but their consistency for hyping the crowd was minimal.

The promoters are trying to go for that bottle service all night long vibe that Vegas has with the variety of dance music for the tourists. I just felt that certain LA spots just can't bring that Vegas element so I don't know why promoters try to do this in LA. The place just needed raw and intense beats.

anyways, met a lil shorty that i asked to dance and i was like real shy and innocent about asking her to dance which is how i like my approach. well...let's just say i had a real good time!

enjoy the video!

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