Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RIP Keith Elam aka G.U.R.U - Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

I met GURU once. I was drunk at AXIS in Boston and was trying to find a female to dance with. It was during his first Jazzmatazz tour in 94 and since I didn't have money to see the show I went to the upstairs club which was AXIS. It was about 1am after drinking Crown Royale with three homies. I show up at the club and stroll in without paying and was feeling all gully. I had a good feeling that night would be a good one and when I walked in I saw Guru lampin in a corner booth watching people dance. He seemed like royalty just chillin watching his court have a good time. So I went up to him to say hello and gave him a hand shake, thanked him for being in town, and said, "Peace." As I walked away he got up and was like, "hey what's your name?" I said,  "I'm DJ PMA. I have been bumpin your tunes since Gangstarr days." He then gave me a pound and I pointed to a girl and he was like aiight. I grabbed the girl and started dancing with her. I kinda remember her too. Light skin Puerto Rican or Dominican looking.With super curly hair like frizzy. It was complete randomness to me at the time but a beautiful moment. Good times...REST IN POWER GURU!
The video below is what GURU wants to be known for. Apparently before his death he had instructed his estate to not promote anything to do with Primo (which I think is on some BS but that's none of my business). This is one of my favorite tracks from Jazzmatazz "When You're Near."

I think when the dust settles I'll do a GangStarr mix as a Salute.
Right now...just can't believe we've lost a a truly magnificent poet.

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