Thursday, April 8, 2010

Serato SL1 2.0 software Final Release

Serato SL1 software ver 2.0 has arrived.
I'm excited! Finally we get effects...and wouldn't you know it? My CPU is hitting 100% I had a feeling I'd start running out of processor soon enough...I dread having to go back to ver 1.9.2 but if I have to just to pay a few bills I guess a new lappy will have to wait. *sigh*

Here's a screenshot of my goodies:

I can already tell the effects advanced edit page is give a lot of people trouble.

You can see how this shows some real estate management on the screen. You can toggle between the views using the spacebar. Here's a closer look:

The effects essentially work like this: Each chain has three selectable effects so each deck can have up to three effects turned on. Each chain can be assigned to one of the two virtual decks. The effects range from Phaser, Low Pass, High Pass, Reapter, Reverb, Braker, Crusher, Echo, Flanger, Reverser, and Tremelo. You can save and load your combination chains and edits. The interesting part is the editing. Each effect can have its own setting, based on the given parameters, but if there's a particular parameter you like to tweak you either tweak it from the edit view OR you can assign/link it to the global knob. Multiple parameters can be linked to that one knob and you can set max and min settings. Now I understand this was done to facilitate both hardware and software controllers but I feel there are some elements missing from each of the effects but time will tell how this changes. I have a feeling there is room for improvement in this area.

How can MIDI controllers be assigned to these knobs? This is something I'm going to experiment with. I can see myself assigning a controller to control delay feedback but the real tricky part is if these parameters can be automated via MIDI somehow.We'll see if this is doable.

That's about it for my first look at Serato SL1 2.0 software.

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