Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's talk about REAPER

so i like to think i do a lot....and i don't do any of it very well.

this blog is to explore certain ideas that are currently in my head and i need to think them out loud and share with others so if you stumble upon this place make sure you provide some feed back.

Reaper is a lightweight DAW (digital audio workstation) for audio multi-tracking and MIDI data entry and playback. Best of all it's FREE!

I started out making a few tracks with Reaper and really like it's functionality.

Download Reaper

It's lite enough to carry on a USB stick with a couple VSTi's and some samples to do your work on the go...

the first track I did using Reaper was a glitchy remix for Alicia K3y'z "N0 One."

pictures like the one below and every female on MySpace at one point having this song on their page inspired me to just mash mash mash:

download track HERE -

i lovf the hall way and the lights

I'll break down in the next posts how I get around to doing music with Reaper.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

oh shit girl.
Alicia K3y'z "N0 One." tha remix. that shit is darkness. 10th grade goth style.

i'm going to pray for you know.