Saturday, May 31, 2008

PD, Super Collider, and other randomness

i haven't posted in a while.
i'm still trying to get this iMac together.
i realized i can't use a lot of the tools i want to use or started using with windows.

my options are to switch to all open source tools like
PD or Super Collider

both are object orientated environments that allow you to plug modules or build modules with code to create a lot of audio toys and tools.

it's in the same vein as MAX/MSP.

one of the thigns this is going to help me do is learn how to code for something useful.

i've played around with NI's Reaktor and i like what it can do.

getting a DAW that allows for AU's and VST's is now the next mission.
in the OSX world for intel chipsets there is either Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, or Digital Performer...all of which are retail and not open source or forever Beta like Reaper.

i'm probably going to check out Ardour and report back...

For now, my iMac is a $950 jukebox...i now use it for a chat client and installed firefox so i have some normal internet activities on it.

i'm also downloading a bunch of open source tools i find and will either try out and review or just toss in the trash if it's useless for my project.

and of course it's vegas season!

here's some shots from my vacation spot of choice.

and this is what happens when you can't handle the liks

blurry birds eye view

good times by the pool

here's a dance tune i'm feelin that is getting good remix play as well:

and of course for that Serato play list

Estelle - American Boy remix #1

Estelle - American Boy remix #2

Estelle - American Boy remix - ft Busta Rhymes

Estelle - American Boy lzrtag remix

Sunday, May 18, 2008

what do i get for ten dollars?

ooooh sock it to me!

haha i wonder what sample clearance was required for that nonsense...

went to a spot in LA formerly owned by Prince and spent the best 10 bucks ever.
ok so i paid for gas and tommy's which came to a total of like 35 bucks.

anyways, the DJ's were wack...they could mix and blend and spin but their consistency for hyping the crowd was minimal.

The promoters are trying to go for that bottle service all night long vibe that Vegas has with the variety of dance music for the tourists. I just felt that certain LA spots just can't bring that Vegas element so I don't know why promoters try to do this in LA. The place just needed raw and intense beats.

anyways, met a lil shorty that i asked to dance and i was like real shy and innocent about asking her to dance which is how i like my approach. well...let's just say i had a real good time!

enjoy the video!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

emergency vinyl

Still feeling wacky from this Flu but thought i'd post a lil something.

I'm debating if I should get a new laptop and i can't figure out if I should get a Powerbook or some generic Intel based thing.

it's def time to upgrade though...T42 is starting to feel like it won't last much longer. i've been doing a lot of research however and i'm leaning towards Powerbook.

While doing research i realized reading message boards really doesn't help me sometimes. Some people give good info and some people give bad info and some people are just NOT helpful...well this blog means to be HELPFUL

So here's a good helpful rule:
ALL DJ's that use a DVS and spin at a club please bring emergency vinyl!

I realized today a lot of DJ's have no club experience...NONE...but manage to get gigs here and there and anywhere. Cats don't even realize that UREI and RANE mixers sit in 19" consoles with tables in non-battle position on suspensions. It leaves a lot of these so called DJ's dumbfounded to work a table on suspension and that this type of setup has sat in a club in good condition since the umm 70's maybe 80's?


BRING EMERGENCY VINYL! at least 50 12"'s


more to come soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i have FLU

having a flu suxs.

i'm not posting much today...i was going to wrap up my Alicia Keys tune with the info about the noise and the basslines in the track and about two of my other favorite VST's but i'll get to that next week.

is Alicia Key's bi or lez? my sources can't confirm...if so...more power to her! if'k too.

i read this on the Serato message board and thought it was really funny:

"new york style compression" i.e. signal -> comp ->EQ out the mids -> mix back with the original, uncompressed signal.

now i know why so many 12"s i have sound really boomy and the needle skips all over the place...

here's a nice new VST tape delay:

you can download it here.

Have fun...make music!