Thursday, May 1, 2008

i have FLU

having a flu suxs.

i'm not posting much today...i was going to wrap up my Alicia Keys tune with the info about the noise and the basslines in the track and about two of my other favorite VST's but i'll get to that next week.

is Alicia Key's bi or lez? my sources can't confirm...if so...more power to her! if'k too.

i read this on the Serato message board and thought it was really funny:

"new york style compression" i.e. signal -> comp ->EQ out the mids -> mix back with the original, uncompressed signal.

now i know why so many 12"s i have sound really boomy and the needle skips all over the place...

here's a nice new VST tape delay:

you can download it here.

Have fun...make music!

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