Sunday, April 27, 2008

POTATO SACKIN - Fashion vs. Music!

Fashion vs. Music!
saturday night i learned a new phrase...potato sackin. it's when you mack it to a girl that is wearing a potato sack dress and in the back of your head all you want to do is sack her. or, maybe race down a nice green lawn with an equally horrendous potato sack.

JLo i guess is the one who wears a sack pretty well...

Some other females try to rock it like this:

and of course the low budget flavor:


today i bought some kicks... ali adidas

i got a good deal 19.99, plus CA tax and some gasolina!


ok, and now for the music portion...

as promised i said i'd explain a lil about my Alicia Key's remix.

basically there's a style of music floating around called GLITCH.

it's made it's way to LA in the form of dj EDIT and the glitch Mob

a free VST called Glitch is available that transforms audio.

Get it HERE.

dBlue the programmer writes: Glitch chops up your audio in real-time and applies a variety of effects which can either be chosen at random, manually sequenced, or a mixture of both. The sounds it generates range from quite subtle to extremely bizarre, depending on how much you tweak the controls.


for the track I basically programmed a slow beat using a synth drum VST called e-phonic - Drumatic


get it HERE

essentially the entire drum track runs through the glitch software...

the main Reason i use Reaper is because it allows me to simulate DJ tricks using the VST on/off (see pic below) as well as the mute/solo buttons...i do similar things that i would use a crossfaders in order with to make the drums drop out or to drop out the VST's effect.

here's the thing though...Reaper does something truly unique for such a light program...back in the days before DAWS every time you did a mixdown on an analog board you and an engineer and your book of notes and pencil and tape would, in real time, perform a such and such time inthe song pan or volume fade or hit solo or hit mute...etc...once this was printed to tape...if you effed up a mix you have to go back and re do that edit...or splice things in later. Reaper has a feature for REALTIME mix downs meaning...while the song plays in real time it renders your manual edits so if you have a controller you can perform your mix down instead of using automation essentially i can perform mixdowns in real time and each is unique.

i could automate...but this is fun and keeps me in the DJ mode that i like to be in.

the main problem i had was using a PIII 1.13 mhz T23 running XP with 512mb of ram...great for Serato because i have access to a bunch of old T23's (i roll with two in case one breaksdown) and they are cheap but not so great for multitrack audio and effects. i've since upgraded to a 1.7mhz P4 T42 with 768mb of ram.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's talk about REAPER

so i like to think i do a lot....and i don't do any of it very well.

this blog is to explore certain ideas that are currently in my head and i need to think them out loud and share with others so if you stumble upon this place make sure you provide some feed back.

Reaper is a lightweight DAW (digital audio workstation) for audio multi-tracking and MIDI data entry and playback. Best of all it's FREE!

I started out making a few tracks with Reaper and really like it's functionality.

Download Reaper

It's lite enough to carry on a USB stick with a couple VSTi's and some samples to do your work on the go...

the first track I did using Reaper was a glitchy remix for Alicia K3y'z "N0 One."

pictures like the one below and every female on MySpace at one point having this song on their page inspired me to just mash mash mash:

download track HERE -

i lovf the hall way and the lights

I'll break down in the next posts how I get around to doing music with Reaper.

blog introduction

For those of you who don't me click here:

or here

and Ye' Olde Xanga

oh yeah and the obligatory blog pic

i'm starting this blog to basically document how i got from point "a" to where i'm headed with a project that is formulating in my head that combines visuals and audio...essentially the end product will be something mass consumable within a creative commons realm.

i'm hoping to encompass all my talents for this audio/visual project.

in the coming posts i'll jump from how i started making music, my musical background, my lovf for audio gadgets and how that all came about, and how the visual components all fit into this as well. and of course some other wacky shenanigans for the blogosphere...hope you enjoy!