Friday, May 2, 2008

emergency vinyl

Still feeling wacky from this Flu but thought i'd post a lil something.

I'm debating if I should get a new laptop and i can't figure out if I should get a Powerbook or some generic Intel based thing.

it's def time to upgrade though...T42 is starting to feel like it won't last much longer. i've been doing a lot of research however and i'm leaning towards Powerbook.

While doing research i realized reading message boards really doesn't help me sometimes. Some people give good info and some people give bad info and some people are just NOT helpful...well this blog means to be HELPFUL

So here's a good helpful rule:
ALL DJ's that use a DVS and spin at a club please bring emergency vinyl!

I realized today a lot of DJ's have no club experience...NONE...but manage to get gigs here and there and anywhere. Cats don't even realize that UREI and RANE mixers sit in 19" consoles with tables in non-battle position on suspensions. It leaves a lot of these so called DJ's dumbfounded to work a table on suspension and that this type of setup has sat in a club in good condition since the umm 70's maybe 80's?


BRING EMERGENCY VINYL! at least 50 12"'s


more to come soon!

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Well said.