Monday, November 24, 2008

adventures in D.C.

i had that urge to jump off the face of the earth again. this time I went to D.C. to eat pancakes and see some stuff. i also drew a picture while eating pancakes. i'm trying to scan it but our dumb scanner doesn't recognize the page size of my notebook.

D.C. and i have an interesting relationship. some of my favorite music and bands comes from D.C. but i know little about the history of the city except of course the fact that its our nations capital. it is truly majestic and yet somber. for all the beauty there is pain and suffering as well as an underground beneath the government and corporate ethos.

hopefully i can go back to explore some more.
the D.C. music scene is famous for a DIY record label called Dischord. you usually can't go wrong with bands that record for Dischord because the guys who own it have superb taste in music.

i grabbed this from wiki:

Dischord Records is a Washington, D.C.-based independent record label specializing in the independent punk music of the D.C.-area music scene. The label is co-owned by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, who founded Dischord in 1980 to release Minor Disturbance by The Teen Idles. The label is most notable for having maintained a strict do-it-yourself ethic, producing all of its albums by itself and selling them at discount prices without the help of major distributors. Dischord continues to release records by bands from Washington D.C., and to document and support the Washington D.C. music scene.

Dischord was a local label in the early days of hardcore, and is one of the more famous independent labels, along with the likes of Alternative Tentacles, SST Records, and Touch & Go Records. Early releases by Dischord were relatively well-produced compared to other punk recordings of the time. Minor Threat's work is an example of these higher production values.

Dischord Records was also a key in the formative years of emo between 1985 and 1987. (For more details, see Rites of Spring or Embrace.)

Bands such as Minor Threat, Government Issue, The Faith, Hoover, Void, Youth Brigade, Iron Cross, Embrace, Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses, Scream, Soulside, Gray Matter, Jawbox, Marginal Man, Shudder to Think, Dag Nasty, Lungfish and Fugazi have released records on Dischord.

Additions to the Dischord roster as of the late 1990s and early 2000s include Q and Not U, Beauty Pill, Antelope, Faraquet, Medications, Black Eyes, and The Aquarium. Many of these acts, notably Q and Not U and Black Eyes, are both influential and experimental dance-punk/post-punk revival bands.

accessed 11/25/08


there's a band called Bluetip that recorded on Dischord that i discovered today.

the band that i've been rocking out to is Q and Not U.

they aren't around anymore...but it's fun stuff.

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