Sunday, February 22, 2009

re-launch of and new demos

i've relaunched
originally the site was a turntablist community site.
with the turntablists community growing older and moving towards remixing and production i decided to go with the will still play a major role of delivering media content to DJ's worldwide but will also focus on delivery streaming media services to people local to the Los Angeles area. as this blog is my personal journey in creative digital and music using different technologies, will be community focused.

i've also placed two demos up on my MySpace page for those that want to hear my remixing and DJ abilities. head over to for that.

finally, here's a mix i thought i lost but realized it was on my site.
Irene's Indie Hip-Hop mix <--Sharebee link. ENJOY!

RIP Big L and J Dilla!

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